4 Advantages To Buying Used From A Dealership Rather Than An Owner

Are you in the market for a used car? It can seem like an attractive option to deal with a private owner, but as with all things, you usually get what you pay for. Though a used car might initially appear less expensive through a private owner, it may ultimately end up being more trouble than it's worth. 

1. You Can Complete Repairs at the Dealership Itself

Almost every used car will have some minor issue, such as a light out or tires that need to be replaced. When dealing with a private owner, you're on your own -- but when dealing with a dealership, you can always ask them to help you complete repairs before you finalize the purchase. Dealerships either have their own mechanics or a deal with a local mechanics shop, so they'll be able to fix these items at a more affordable rate. 

2. You Have More Room to Negotiate

Often, a private owner who is selling their car will still owe money on it to the bank. That means that they'll have a lower cap that they simply cannot go under. Often, the car amount will not be based on value but the amount of that loan. A dealership will negotiate with you regarding the fair market value of the car, but a private owner will need to recover that specific amount. 

3. Financing is Available and Easy

If you want to finance your used vehicle, a dealership is the place to go. They can often finish your financing documents within a few hours to make sure that you get the car that you want immediately. Financing a car purchased through a private owner is much more complicated; you will need to both go down to the bank, have the vehicle inspected and sign a myriad of documents concerning the car. 

4. You Can Get a Warranty

In most states, dealerships simply cannot sell cars that are known to be bad due to "lemon laws." Dealerships also often offer limited-term warranties to protect you from anything that breaks down in the car immediately after purchase. With a private owner, you're pretty much on your own; once the vehicle is in your hands, it's your problem to deal with.

Quality used cars can be found through private owners, but you're usually safer going through a dealership. If you're concerned about price, don't be afraid to haggle. Even if a dealership cannot go lower on a price, they will be able to explain to you why they have valued the car at the price that it's at and why the vehicle is worth that amount to you.

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