Discover The Commonly Overlooked Benefits Of Buying A Used Car

When many people think about the benefits of buying a used car, they tend to think solely of the fact that used vehicles are cheaper. However, the truth is, a lower price is just one of the many benefits that used cars are able to offer when compared to brand new vehicles. Below you will learn more about a few of the more commonly overlooked benefits so that you can decide for yourself whether or not buying a used car is the right choice for you.

Slower Depreciation

When you choose to purchase a brand new car, that vehicle will begin to decrease in value the moment you drive off the lot. In fact, some vehicles will depreciate as much as 20% before you are even able to get them home. Even after absorbing this initial decrease in value, brand new cars will continue to depreciate at an alarming rate of around 15% per year. Thankfully, these depreciation rates will begin to decrease after the first five years of a vehicle's life. Choosing to purchase a used car will allow you to take advantage of these slower rates and avoid losing a large chunk of your investment to lost resale value.

More Available Features

One of the reasons that so many people wish to purchase a brand new vehicle is so that they can take advantage of the latest features the market has to offer. Unfortunately, after arriving at the dealership, many of these individuals will find that the features they are looking for simply will not be available to them. This is because car manufacturers will typically choose only a handful of features each year to make available for each make and model. This can greatly limit your available options when searching for a vehicle with specific features.

Since the features that are offered by each manufacturer will typically change each year, choosing to purchase a used car can give you access to a much wider selection of feature combinations.

No Waiting Required

Most car dealers will maintain a very limited number of vehicles on their lot. In order to ensure that there are plenty of vehicles for other potential buyers to look at and test drive, these dealers will order the vehicle you want at the time the vehicle is purchased. Consequently, you could find yourself waiting several days or even weeks for your new car to be delivered even after signing all of the paperwork required to finalize your purchase.

With a used car, you will have the ability to drive your new vehicle off the lot the very same day you buy it. This can be an especially beneficial feature for individuals who are in need of a replacement car for a vehicle that recently stopped working.