Wait For It…There! New Vehicles On The Dealer’s Horizon!

New vehicles for sale are at most dealerships, but what about new, new vehicles? You know, the ones that debut this year? They often arrive on dealership lots close to Christmas, but since many retailers are starting the holidays earlier and earlier every year, one has to wonder just when the newest cars will be out and available for sale. Here are some tips on how to find out about the newest models, what they will look like, and how to get yours ahead of everyone else. 

Talk to the Dealers

The dealers already know when they can place their orders for the new makes and models this year. They also have a pretty good idea when their ordered inventory will be shipped and arrive on their lots for sale. Some are already looking at early shipments in the end of August or early September, while a larger percentage can expect new vehicle shipments in early October. It really depends on the manufacturer, the make, and the model of car that has you excited and chomping at the bit. Ergo, talk to the dealers to get some idea of when you can see the new cars and trucks. 

Check out the New Vehicles on the Manufacturer's Websites

Manufacturers love to whet people's appetites by showing the new vehicles coming out this year. Around July or August, the manufacturers already have pictures, features, specs, and they will post all of this on their websites. You can begin perusing all of this information at your leisure and salivating over what excites you most. 

Cannot Wait for a Test Drive? Want Your Vehicle Ahead of the Rush?

If you simply cannot wait for a test drive of a vehicle once it exists on a dealership's lot, and you want your own ahead of everyone else purchasing the same make and model this year, you can order it online. Many car manufacturers offer you the opportunity to design your vehicle, with your chosen features, and your colors, online on their websites. You can customize it from all of the available options, apply for credit or financing, and secure your custom vehicle right now.

When the vehicle is built and ready to ship, the manufacturer contacts you and lets you know exactly where you can pick up the vehicle and what the shipping charges are. On the day it is supposed to arrive, you can call the dealership where your vehicle will be dropped off and see if it has arrived. Then you just pick it up and drive it off the lot!