Moving Somewhere With Snow? 4 Traits Your Next Vehicle Needs

When you move somewhere where snow is a regular part of winter, you need to do more than buy winter boots and a thicker coat; you need to upgrade to a vehicle that can handle the snow. There are certain traits you want your vehicle to have when you are navigating snowy roads during the winter.

Trait #1: Remote Start

When you live somewhere cold, remote start is a necessity. Being able to start your vehicle remotely allows your vehicle to get warm inside, so when you run out to your vehicle, you don't have to sit there and see your breath as you drive.

Having a remote start also saves you from having to go outside, turn on your car, come inside to wait for it to warm-up, and then go back outside. Life is simpler when you can remotely start your vehicle in a cold climate.

Trait #2: All-Wheel-Drive

Although you can handle snow in a rear-wheel-drive car, if you have a choice, go for an all-wheel-drive vehicle. With an all-wheel-drive vehicle, you will always have the grip you need.

You will not have to worry about spinning out because you only depend on the front or back tires. With an all-wheel-drive vehicle, you can drive with confidence that your vehicle will be able to grip the road.

Trait #3: High Clearance

When you live somewhere with snow, you want a vehicle that is going to be able to clear the snow. You'll want to keep your low-rider in the garage for the winter. Additionally, in a vehicle that sits a little higher off the ground, you'll be able to better see what is happening around you, which is always good when you are dealing with snowy conditions and other drivers.

Trait #4: Heated Side Mirror

There is nothing worse in the winter than getting in your vehicle, getting on the road, and realizing as you get ready to change lanes or make a turn that you forgot to clean the ice off the side mirror, and now you don't have a good view. With heated side mirrors, you don't have to worry about cleaning off your side mirrors. The defrosters on your side mirrors will clear them up so you can always see out of them and drive safely, even when its freezing and wet outside.

When you move somewhere that gets snow in the winter, you need a vehicle that can handle the snow. Your snow vehicle should have all-wheel-drive, remote start, high clearance, and heated side mirrors so you can drive safely and comfortably in the winter snow.

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