Buying Your Next Skid Loader Trailer

Skid loader trailers play a vital role in transporting skid steer loaders from one job site to another. When purchasing a skid loader trailer, it is crucial to consider various factors to ensure you make the right investment.

Tip: Choose The Right Type Of Trailer

When selecting a skid loader trailer, it is essential to consider whether you need a flatbed or dump trailer. Flatbed trailers are versatile and can accommodate different types of equipment and loads. They make loading and unloading your skid steer easy. On the other hand, dump trailers are designed primarily for hauling heavy materials like gravel or dirt and may not be suitable for transporting skid loaders.

Another consideration is whether you need an enclosed or open trailer. Enclosed trailers offer protection from weather elements and potential theft but are more expensive than their open counterparts. Open trailers are more affordable and allow for easier visual inspection during transport but expose your equipment to the elements.

Tip: Consider The Trailer Material

The choice between aluminum and steel trailers depends on your specific needs and preferences concerning durability, weight capacity, maintenance requirements, and pricing differences between these two materials.

Aluminum trailers are lightweight yet strong enough to handle heavy loads while providing excellent resistance against rusting or corrosion. Furthermore, they do not require painting or sealing like steel trailers do. However, aluminum can be the more expensive option. Conversely, steel trailers typically offer higher weight capacities but tend towards being heavier themselves. This could increase the costs of towing them due to impacts on the fuel efficiency of the trailer.

Tip: Make Sure It Is Easy To Load And Unload

Loading and unloading your skid loader should be smooth and hassle-free. To achieve this, look for trailers with ramps with an appropriate angle and width for your skid steer's size. Also, consider the trailer's overall design to ensure enough space for maneuvering during loading and unloading.

Several accessories, such as winches, tie-down straps, or hydraulic lifts, can help make loading and unloading your skid loader more manageable. These additions can improve safety while reducing the risk of damage to your equipment during transport.

Tip: Check the Warranty

Before purchasing a skid loader trailer, you need to understand what parts are covered under manufacturer warranty policies. Additionally, you need a thorough appreciation for the length of the warranty.

You must familiarize yourself with the steps required when filing warranty claims if any issues arise after purchasing a new trailer. This may involve contacting the manufacturer's customer service departments and providing proof of purchase documentation.

Visit an auto dealer to find skid loader trailers for sale.